Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Smiles 1

So this was my idea a few weeks back, which never came to fruition until now! Just a short list of things that have made me smile this week. It will hopefully be weekly and I am giving myself permission to post it a day late if I really don't have time to post it on Sunday. Ok? Let's go!

  • Catching up with all my series while sick at home.
  • Having my boyfriend surprise me by taking an afternoon off work so that he can come and take care of me :)
  • MOUNTAINS of strawberries
  • Catching up with my childhood bestie and heading off the the cinema to watch a movie together.
  • An awesome present from said childhood best friend:
 A Kermit the Frog keychain and air-freshener for my aptly named car- Kermit! (and a shirt :D)
  • Finally losing some weight! (not much, but it's a start!)
  • Remembering an April photo-of-the-day thingy, which I really want to do! Although, I am slightly cheating by taking the first and second pics tomorrow, since I've already taken my make-up off tonight and my hair's a mess ;)
  • Lots and lots of driving in Kermit.
  • Plans with a few friends to put up a photoshoot including a stylist and make-up artist (all friends, no money involved! Wooo!!)
  • Some images from a day on the sister island, Gozo, for my birthday finally coming back. Like this one:

I love having such a talented boyfriend :) (Copyright: Jonathan Farrugia)

Tomorrow it's back to work until Wednesday, have to make up a few sessions I missed due to being sick last week, then it's Easter holidays :) Nothing planned yet, but I want to make the best of them, since I hardly get any time off!

I hope anyone who celebrates Easter has a great one! :)

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