Monday, January 30, 2012's the first post!

I confess, I've been wanting to start blogging for a while now, but just haven't had the courage to get this first blog post rolled out yet. Until now.

Most of my bookmark toolbar is taken up by the RSS feeds of loads of different blogs about different subjects, from all over the world. So now I guess it's my turn.

I've taken the plunge and gotten this first post out of the way. Not sure when I'll be blogging or how often but at least I've got loads of ideas about what to blog about, let's just hope life doesn't get in the way of having my say ;)

Until next time, I'll leave you (i.e. the void as no one knows about this blog yet) with the world's most poser of a cat: Kiki <3

Much love to anyone who ends up reading this,

Miyna xx