Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scenery, Scrabble, and...Snow?!

So according to Italian Meteoweb, temperatures in Malta might go down to -4 and -5°C and it might even snow somewhere between tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday morning. According to my research (ie googling it) it has snowed briefly in Malta (the latest being 1962) without the snow even touching the ground before melting. I just hope that if it does actually snow (or hail, which is common-ish here, happening about two or three times a winter), I'll be at home, not at work!

In other news, my boyfriend and I (J, as he shall be known) went out for some photography time. It ended up being too cold to take any, plus my shoes were SO not good for the rocky terrain we ended up choosing for our walk. So we went for a drive instead. Here comes (cell phone) pic-heaviness:

J took an HDR of this scene, I was too comfy in the car so I snapped a quick pic with my phone instead ;)

Then, we decided that we needed something warm to drink, so we drove to Mdina and walked around there and Rabat for a while before heading to Point de Vue for this:

Chocolate cake, green tea, THE best banoffee pie I have ever tasted, and Jamaican coffee.

Sooooo good! And inexpensive, which is always a plus. 
See, happy people :D

 Back to the car and off to J's house for some more green tea and a brilliant idea:

DIY footwarmer

Then to round up a pretty awesome day, I taught J how to play Scrabble. He was winning for a while, then skipped a few turns and I got the upper hand ;) Then I decided to play around with the tiles instead:

*insert heart symbol here, guys*

And now I'm in bed, wondering if it'll snow. Who knows, maybe Tuesday might end up being a snow day!


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